Are you interested in joining the 2nd Kentucky Regiment of Volunteer Militia?


The 2nd Kentucky is an association of history-loving individuals sharing a passion of the early American story and the citizen-soldier’s roll in its preservation and the continuance of liberty and freedom in the antebellum era.  We are always looking to welcome upstanding, grounded and passion individuals to the cause.

We are:

  • Openly dedicated to the realistic and honest interpretation of early American history,
  • A welcoming group of individuals for all those that share our passion and dedication,
  • A collection of passionate living historians constantly striving to improving our individual and collective interpretation efforts.

Scouts and Spies, New Orleans Bicentennial 2015

Getting Started is Easy!

If you are interested in joining the 2nd Kentucky Regiment of Volunteers, please use our Contact Us tool to reach our recruiting officer.  We are happy to welcome those with a sincere interest in the history of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the War of 1812, Early American History, settlement of the Northwest Territory or frontier living into our fold.

Please contact us to learn more about our initial expectations and basic requirements.  You will be welcomed and invited to join us at an event of your choosing and encouraged in the development of your historical impression, including building your basic clothing, weapons and equipment for use in the field.  Our quartermaster maintains a basic selection of ‘loaner’ items to help those getting started.

Battle of Prophetstown / Battle of Tippecanoe Bicentennial 2011