“They’re comin’ on their all fours!”

An unknown eyewitness, fighting from the top of the breastworks defending New Orleans, describes the battle: "Col. Smiley, from Bardstown (1), was the first one who gave us orders to fire from our part of the line; and then, I reckon, there was a pretty considerable noise.  There were also brass pieces on our right,… Continue reading “They’re comin’ on their all fours!”

Ohio blessings on Kentuckians

From the Memoirs of Capt. Micah Taul, company commander in Colonel Joshua Barbee’s 7th Regiment of Kentucky Militia.  Barbee’s regiment was raised in the fall of 1812 and served in Ohio through the spring of 1813.  Barbee’s regiment built Fort Barbee at St. Marys, Ohio on the orders of General Harrison.  Taul’s memoir provides an interesting… Continue reading Ohio blessings on Kentuckians