Fort Wayne Winter Garrison AAR

Elements of the 2nd Kentucky Regiment of Volunteers participated in the Winter Garrison at Fort Wayne.  Present were Lieutenant Colonel Sheets. Captain Stern, Lieutenant Wagner, Mr. Alfano, Mr. McAfee, Mr. Hillyard, Mr. Panda and Ms. Kankovsky. Those present were joined in garrison by elements of the 1st and 7th US Infantry, the White River Guard, the 5th Indiana (Rifles), Davis’ Company of Indiana Rangers.

The traditional dinner at the Ft. Wayne Gashouse marked the start of the event on Friday.  As usual, the fellowship was warm and ties were quickly renewed.

Saturday commenced with reverie, breakfast and morning colors.  Major Lundgren, 7th USI, commanding.  The garrison mess provided filling meals throughout the weekend.

As the Garrison is a training weekend for development, the consolidated company of 2nd Kentucky and White River Guard were amassed into a combined company with all present.  The mornings drill consisted of forming the company as directed by the Smyth Manual.  The afternoons drills took various forms, including the White River Guard, who littered the grounds with cartridge paper (in their defense, they did clean up their mess – Lt.W).

Saturday evening socials were observed by all.

Sunday commenced with reveille and breakfast.  After reveille and breakfast, all present stood parade under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Sheets.  Drill in the manual of arms under the tutelage of the officers of the Left Wing, assisted by the 1st and 7th USI personnel, were followed by platoon and company evolution under the command of Major Stern.  After final formation at midday, the garrison was dismissed from duty.

A congratulations to Captain Stern, who has been breveted to the rank of Major.

A special thanks to the cooks and ladies of the garrison mess, who provided an appreciated menu throughout the weekend.

Next event – Kalamazoo Living History Show – 21st & 22nd March.