AAR – Fort Wayne Winter Garrison 2019

Contingents of the 2nd Kentucky, along with our Left Wing comrades from the 5th Indiana and the White River Guard mustered to bolster the garrison at Fort Wayne.  Joined by our regular brethren from the 1st, 7th & 25th US Infantry as well as their dependents and local civilians, the Fort came to life in the cold of winter under the watchful eye of Major J. Lundgren, 7th USI, commanding.

The first stirrings of activity within the walls were amplified as friends and comrades reunited as fires were lit and billets made.  In an unexpected change from previous years, the 2nd quartered the fort’s hospital building on the east side of the garrison.  One room was dedicated to a common room, while the other three were used to quarter the contingent present.  As afternoon gave way to evening, the bunks were filled and the traditional Friday night dinner was shared at the tavern across the river.  In a new twist for the year, those present from the Left Wing were honored and glad to share tables with our brethren from other units.  After dinner and some small excitement, the common room was occupied and fellowship shared.

Reveille sounded bright and early Saturday; immediately following the morning meal, the garrison stood morning parade and immediately commenced training.  The morning’s evolution focused on company level drill and equipping company and platoon leaders to move and form the necessary lines and columns.  After the midday meal, training continued with everyone’s favorite evolution – rank and sizing the company – as well as additional explanations of company evolution.  Maj. Lundgren then conducted tabletop exercises using his newly-improved ‘automated company’ to review company formations on parade and in column formation with a particular emphasis on the correct placement of officers and non-commissioned officers.

With only a brief interruption for evening colors, the training curriculum continued right up until supper time.  After an excellent meal, the evening’s fellowship began, and continued through the night.

With reveille sounding Sunday, the 2nd mustered for roll and for breakfast.  The morning’s training then started, consisting of an open-ended group discussion with Sgt. Paul Rosewitz (COL, USA, Ret) on his experiences as a commissioned officer.  Maj. L facilitated the discussion, which focused on the differences in military leadership and martial leaders in the living history hobby.  Those present each took away individual insights and lessons tailored to their individual roles within their unit hierarchies.  After the discussion concluded, the garrison was dismissed from duty.

Special thanks to all those who contributed time and efforts to another great winter garrison.  Present from the 2nd Kentucky were Sgt. Major Swartz, 1st Sgt. Hooper, Sgt. Schumick, Mr. Mcafee and Mr. Alfano.  Thanks as well to Major Lundgren and Sgt. Rosewitz for their leadership and tutelage as well as the garrison’s kitchen, who turned out excellent meals throughout.

Some notes from the weekend’s training:

For Parade: The company 1st Sgt. brings the company online, then retires to the rank of file closers (2 paces behind the rear rank) until called to take roll.  After taking roll, the 1st Sgt. resumes his position to the right of the first rank.  When rendering reports, the 1st Sgts. center themselves upon the Adjutant, come to the position of ‘Recover, ARMS’ and report the state of their company as “All Present” or “All accounted for”.

For Company formations:  When in line, the company commander takes his post to the right of his company, with his 1st Sgt. immediately behind.  The 1st Lt is directly centered behind the 2nd platoon in the rank of file closers.  The 2nd Sgt. is posted to the outside (left) end of the platoon, the 2nd Lt is directly centered behind the 1st platoon in the rank of file closers.  Upon Parade, all officers are forward and in line with the company commander.

This being a true and faithful account of the muster at the garrison at Fort Wayne,

I remain, YMH&OS,

Lt. T.P., Wagner
2nd Regt Kent Volunteers