Lead-up to Mississinewa


This year’s Mississinewa 1812 promises to be a great time.  Much time and effort has gone into it’s planning and preparations.  As with any long-running event, some things change over time as the event’s and its participant’s needs develop and evolve.  Here are a few updates on things to expect for 2018:

  • Camps – multiple unit camp locations have been shifted and the American militia camp will be growing considerably; 2nd will have new neighbors, including the White River Guard, 5th Indiana Territorial and Linigle’s Company of Ohio Militia.  New for this year as well will be an Artillery Park near Mount Abolt & a new Indian encampment north of the Battlefield.


  • Trees – after much effort by both the Missisinewa Battlefield Society and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, a large share of the deadstanding ash trees have been felled and removed.  Much of this wood has been put to use at the site as well as at other area events.


  • Saturday Morning Patrol – detailed planning is complete and certain preparations are underway.  This year’s tactical should be the best yet.


More details regarding Mississinewa 1812 – 2018 are soon to follow!