AAR – Ft. Wayne Winter Garrison 2018

From Ft Wayne
Indiana Territory

The 2nd Kentucky Regiment of Volunteers participated in the Winter Garrison at Old Fort Wayne this weekend.  Present were: Lt. Col. Sheets, Capt. Stern, Lts. Wagner & Layton, Sgt. Schumick, Mess Sgt Harmon, Pvts Howell & Mcafee.

The garrison was occupied Friday night; after settling in, the 2nd enjoyed supper and more than a few looks from the local at a fine establishment just across the river, joined by the White River Guard, 5th Indiana Territorials & & 7th US.  Food and fellowship were enjoyed by all.  Toasts were raised in proper form.

The event kicked off Saturday morning with morning parade under the command of Major Lundgren, 7th US.  Capt. Birkenbach, US Rifle Regiment, acted as adjutant.  The 2nd, White River Guard and 5th Indiana formed a consolidated militia company.  Capt. Stern acted as company commander and Capt. Schoening, WRG, acted as 1st Sgt.

Saturday’s duty consisted of parade, fundamental drill without arms & marching, light infantry drill and several evolution for moving platoons & companies from marching columns into line of battle.  During the down times, those present performed guard mount under the Corporal of the Guard Simmons, 7th US, and completed fatigue details to keep the kitchen fully stocked with wood and water.

Saturday concluded with evening colors and supper, after which the 2nd’s comrades from the 5th Indiana provided a well received ration, with toasts to dignitaries, friends, comrades & those absent were made.  The evening continued with joviality & conversations, the forming of new & renewing of existing friendships with those present.  The 2nd, quartered in the junior officers quarters, were honored to welcome the commander, friends from the 7th US, 1st US Light Arty, WRG and Ms. Rosewitz to our common room.  A good time was had by all.

Sunday morning started with a fine breakfast, followed by morning colors.  Col. Sheets continued his command of the militia present; Lt. Wagner took the duty with Capt Schoening acting as 1st Sgt.  The morning continued with drill in marching, platoon & company evolutions.  Foundations established Saturday were developed upon & what may be another Smyth manual flaw was exposed.

Throughout the weekend, the garrison was blessed with an abundance of food and generally cooperative weather.  The author reports the roads home were clear but wet; safe travels wished upon all present.

The officers & men of the 2nd wish to thanks Major Lundgren, 7th US, commanding, for his wealth of knowledge, hospitality & comradery; the garrison of Old Ft Wayne for their hospitality, and the ladies of the kitchen for their expertise and labors over the cook fires to sustain the garrison.  Not a man, woman or child went hungry through the weekend; the ladies present provided an abundance of culinary delights that were received with gusto.  The ladies, the sustainers of liberty & stokers of the fires of freedom, provided a touch of grace & elegance no post should do without.  HUZZAH to the Ladies!

This being a true and faithful account of the relief of the Fort Wayne Garrison,

I remain, with highest regards, YMH&OS,

Lt. T.P., Wagner
2nd Kenty Regt Vols
detached, Ft Wayne Garrison
Indiana Territory